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Building a team and solving HR management challenges are fundamental to the success of any Organization. Add objective measures based on your top performers and Morpho Thinkers’ industry expertise and you will see your performance, sales and your bottom line grow.

It can be a very costly and easy mistake to recruit an average or below-average performers into any role within an organization. The investment in money, training and time to fix a mistake made in having recruited a person who is incompetent or incompatible with the job, is simply enormous. It is accepted that psychometric profiling is an accurate method of selecting people (when used with other objective measures such as structured interviews, performance-based evidence and workplace simulations) to assess competency and predict performance. They measure important traits that are otherwise not apparent during the interview – such as the ability to make critical business decisions or the level of pro-activeness of a new business developer.

The human brain often does not use its full capacity to think and if that is made possible, new ideas will keep coming. Morpho Thinkers helps HR managers with “skill sets mapping” to find out what they require in terms of no technical skills and then goes on to design psychometric tests for potential new recruits. Our Psychometric Assessment tools provide insight into the human behaviour and attitudes.

Job Matching for Success :

We at Morpho Thinkers use assessments to define intangible job requirements and help match employees to the work they do. When people match their jobs, they perform up to and beyond expectations. Job Match is the primary predictor of job success. It has greater relevance than factors such as age, experience, training, and other particulars that employers use to make human resource decisions.

Our Psychometric Assessment tools provide insight into the human characteristics that make each of us unique and individual. In a selection scenario, we help uncover which applicants have the most suitable personal attributes, problem solving skills and general aptitude, and which candidates would fit best and excel within the organisation’s structure and culture. Using such tools to match candidates with jobs, they fit the work they do and this is turn builds productivity and job-satisfaction and diminishes negative factors such as stress, tension, conflict, miscommunication, and turnover.

For those on-the-job, psychometric assessment can be a vital component in improving organizational effectiveness through development of both teams and individuals. As the challenges of maximizing resources increase, every organization can benefit from quick and accurate assessment of their workforce. Morpho Thinkers also assesses a candidate’s abilities, personality, motivations, values and interests under standardized conditions in line with a particular role. This provides individuals with new insights into their preferred styles of functioning and an increased appreciation for individual differences. Through our integrated reports and training workshops, we help employees achieve increased success in their personal and professional life, team effectiveness, and leadership development. We use the interpretation of the results to help individuals increase the positive impact of their behavior, increase job satisfaction, develop more productive relationships with others, and experience enhanced team skills.


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