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Corporate training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Employers utilize training to accustom new employees, teach new skills to current employees for the same job, and to advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets. Training could be specific to a company or it could be general. We provide our services to both IT and non-IT companies.

You will be surprised to know how our activities can help you streamline the essential tasks and skills, the very core of your business from the usually office work. Adventure not only brings the members of your team together it also provides for them to de-stress and enjoy the moment with utmost safety.

Total Adventures experiential learning Programs uses experiential learning tools to make people realize their inherent potential, their strengths and improvement areas and its application in corporate culture for high performance.

The core element of fun and adventure makes the whole episode an interesting affair to be experienced and remains with people for years!!!

We also offer Personality Development Training, Soft skill Training, Outbound Training Technical Training Courses to Corporate Work Force, Students and Individuals.

Morpho Thinkers, a Bangalore, India, based Corporate Training Company , provides a one-on-one, personalized Corporate Training Courses / Programs for professionals and managers on a confidential basis.

Corporate Training Modules:

We customize the Corporate Training Modules as per the client’s requirement. Our high intense training modules to name a few are.

1. Team Building for High Performance

2. Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

3. Passion to Win

4. Interpersonal Skills

5. Stress Management

6. Disaster Management

7. Building Winning Teams

8. Identity Search

9. Leadership search

10. Wilderness Survival

11. Self Defense

12. Unleash your adventurous spirit

13. Innovation- Exploring, inspiring, discovering and integrating

14. Community Awareness

15. Team Games- Cricket, soccer, etc.

16. Emergency Medical Support

Corporate Outings

Some of our Fun and Adventure Corporate getaway activities include:

1. White Water Rafting

2. Rappelling, Rock Climbing

3. Artificial rock climbing

4. Valley Crossing

5. Rope Cycling

6. Lake rafting (building the raft and crossing the lake)

7. Expedition with valley crossing, camping and cooking

8. Treasure hunt (Trekking – Day and Night time)

9. Riffle Shooting

10. Pottery

11. Para Sailing

12. Star gazing

13. Dynamic Obstacle Course

14. Bungee jumping

15. Ice climbing

16. Fire Walking

17. Extreme High rope courses

18. Overhead crawl over 500 feet


We discuss the different offsite and adventure locations with the client. We also gather information about the participant like their role in the company, the current competency level and what do they need to improve on to be more effective.

The location would be finalized and the tentative programme schedule and content will be drafted based on the discussions. Logistic arrangements for the programme will be finalized.

The final Schedule will be prepared. Also, the offsite booking and the logistic requirement will be booked.

This is the actual training session. A memorable and resourceful experiential learning that will for sure leave an impact on the participants will be imparted.


This process is most effective with strategic inputs from the HR and other departments of the organization working closely with Total Adventures for maximizing the outcomes.

With Total Adventures explore the journey within! Add value to self in Exotic locations!!

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    Consistently brilliant; Morpho Thinkers has consistently outperformed in all programmes that were conducted by them for our organization. We would definitely recommend their soft skills training programs to all organizations that plan to “outperform”.

    Sruthi Raechal
    Training Team - HR , Logica Pvt Ltd

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