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Morpho Thinkers (one of the leading Outbound Training Companies in Bangalore) unique experiential learning approach has found success in the exciting field of Outbound Training and OBL Outbound Learning Program.

Morpho Thinkers, an internationally renowned training company having branches in the UK, Muscat and Sri Lanka commenced operations in 2004. After a phenomenal success in conducting various in-house modules for the corporate world which it continues to enjoy, Morpho Thinkers also started to specialize in Outbound Training Programs through Outbound Learning Activities.

Some of our popular OBL Outbound Training modules are: Building Winning Teams,Identity Search, Leadership search, Employee’s day out, Wilderness Survival, Self Defence. Unleash your adventurous spirit – mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, rappelling, trekking, etc.

OBL Outbound Training modules are:

We customize the Corporate Training Modules as per the client’s requirement. Our high intense training modules to name a few are.

1. Building Winning Teams

2. Identity Search

3. Leadership search

4. Employees day out

5. Wilderness Survival

6. Self Defense

7. Unleash your adventurous spirit – mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, rappelling, trekking, etc

8. Innovation- Exploring, inspiring, discovering and integrating

9. Community Awareness

10. Team Games- Cricket, soccer, etc.

11. Emergency Medical Support


10. Team Games- Cricket, soccer, etc.


The truly unique blend of activity based learning and Morpho techniques ensure that participants at each of these outings grasp and retain modules with ease. Completely customizable, these Outbound Training, OBL programs prove that learning is actually nothing but fun, being integrated into adventurous games and activities.

Morpho Thinkers, the top Outbound trainers; offer power packed, action oriented adventure games and outbound training activities list include but are not restricted to mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, rappelling, etc.

The outbound training and outbound training programme is conducted amidst undisturbed environment such as the forests, mountains, deserts or beaches providing ample scope for realizing the inner strengths and also in overcoming many inhibitions. Morpho Thinkers is an organization that touches the Physique, Psyche and Hearts. We believe that experience based learning is the most effective way of learning.

Our team of certified experts turns innovative experiential Outbound learning Program and OBL learning activities into a powerful Outbound learning experience, the takeaways from which are replicated at the workplace.

Experiential Learning fosters quick understanding and imbibing of skills and competencies. We utilize experiential learning and self analytical group processes to imbibe learning. They are provided the platform to work effectively as a team. All the learning activities incorporated are largely and naturally collaborative and participative, thus generating an active spirit of teamwork aiming to achieve in an adventure-centered ambience.


Morpho Thinkers offers Corporate Training Classes , Personality Development Training , Soft skill Training Courses to Corporate Work Force, Students and Individuals

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