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It is an established fact that employee counseling is a very powerful tool in the hands of companies in order to attract and retain quality workforce. Organizations have realized the importance of having a stress-free yet motivated and capable workforce. No successful organization will ever be free from the stress that its employees experience on an everyday basis. At least once in their life or career people come across problems either in their work or personal life which begin to influence and affect performance and increase the stress levels of the individual. Here is where Morpho Thinkers steps in. We strive to help these individuals take charge of their lives by emphasizing the need for two types of skills: ability to make decisions wisely and altering one's own behavior to yield desirable consequences. Employee counselling is used by our experts to analyze work related performance and behavior of the employees and to help them cope, resolve conflicts and reinforce the desired results. By using a holistic approach, we help employees in the following areas:

1. Making correct and timely decisions

2. Setting SMART goals, which enhance personal and professional growth

3. Planning for a better future

4. Self Awareness

5. Effective solutions to personal and interpersonal problems

6. Coping with difficult situations

7. Acquiring 'positive self-regard' and a sense of optimism about one's own ability to
    satisfy basic needs.

8. A balanced EQ

9. Acquiring effective transaction skills (TA)

10. Work life balance

11. Physical, Psychological and Personal (PPP) wellbeing

Through personalized Morpho techniques, we bring about internal changes in the employees. The learning is outwardly obvious and employees are known to radiate the positive change in every environment that they come into contact with.

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