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Change is inevitable in a scenario of growth and progress. The aim of change management is to more effectively implement new methods and systems. The changes to be managed lie within and are controlled by the organization. Our Industrial Psycho logists specializing in the work arena offer scientifically proven methods of measurement and intervention to enhance the success of client organizations and facilitate a more positive working experience for managers and employees alike.

Morpho Thinkers strives to ease the transitional stages while Change is being implemented. The change to be made is implemented with a strategy/plan. Any mistake in this part of change management can lead to loss of time, cost and resources. There is no single methodology that fits every company; instead we use a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations. However, no matter what the scale of the investment to bring about change, it is the ability of an organisation's people to operate effectively - before, during and after the change, that determines success.

Success depends on persuading hundreds or thousands of groups and individuals to change the way they work, a transformation people will accept only if they can be persuaded to think differently about their jobs. When change is announced, the results can be significant. Morpho Thinkers seeks to manage the cognitive and behavioural changes from the very beginning.

One of the strategies we use involves the ADKAR Model which describes five required building blocks for Change to be realized successfully on an individual level.

Awareness - of why the change is needed

Desire - to support and participate in the change

Knowledge - of how to change

Ability - to implement new skills and behaviours

Reinforcement - to sustain the change
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