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‘Sapthaham’ (7 – day outbound session)

A trademark of Morpho Thinkers, the SAPTHAHAM is a one of its kind, outbound program designed specifically for the corporate world. A group of 15 -20 participants register for a 7 – Day Camp in the lap of Nature. They are taken to a resort, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city thereby enabling them to unwind. The camp is conducted by a team of facilitators, each expert in their respective fields of Mind Morphology, Yoga, Meditation, Health, etc. The participants are subtly led through the finer nuances of the MIND, awakening their latent potential, through unique Morpho techniques. The subconscious is then triggered to connect to the higher intelligence (Morphogenetic field) through scientific methods in-keeping with the principles of Quantum Physics. Experienced and qualified psychologists help the participants through time tested methods enabling desired traits to override undesirable ones. As a corollary, the individual starts cherishing the desired traits.

The combined efforts of Behavioral Therapy, Yoga and Meditation induce a purification, transformation and metamorphosis of each individual for the better. They also undergo a total detoxification of the body and mind, thereby getting rid of any mental blocks to success. By the end of the camp, participants learn the art of Balanced Leadership, Dynamic Decision Making and Problem Solving, Stress Management, enhanced Interpersonal Skills, Creativity and Innovation. In short, participation instills a broader outlook, improved overall EQ and Objective understanding both on a micro as well as macro level.

It is this holistic approach of the entire program that brings about an outwardly obvious and progressive change in each individual attending the Sapthaham.

The individual returning to the work place has been seen to radiate such positive energy that he/ she becomes the catalyst for a sea change across the floor.


Consciousness model

Inner Momentum

Psycho-Physical Therapy

Presence and Mindful Attention

Relationship enhancing

The Body as the Primary Vehicle for The Therapeutic Process

The Creative Process as a Psychotherapy Model

Introduction to Basic Mind Body Therapy

Psycho-Physical, Integration, Re-Organization and Transformation

Eliminating Developmental and Traumatic Wounds

Personality Hydraulics

Post Session Support

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