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Morpho Thinkers conducts various value-based events for educational institutions thereby aiming to address key issues right at the grass-root level. Children are the future torch bearers of any civilization. Creating an environment conducive to learning would not only strengthen their overall development as responsible future citizens but also facilitate experimental application of learning.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of high quality experiential educational learning programs that equip students to deal effectively with opportunities and challenges they encounter in a changing world. The program aims to increase students’ understanding of a range of concepts, processes and issues that form part of the normal school curriculum through direct experience and observation outside the classroom. These events are complementary to the formal classroom programs and provide teachers with opportunities to extend student learning in relevant, practical and supportive environments.

Once out of school the young citizens enter an area of knowledge acquisition that they identify for themselves. Morpho Thinkers offers a wide range of events that may have little or no scholastic overlap, but are taught with the purpose of broadening the student's conceptions and interest in many otherwise unknown areas of study. Our team comprising educators is armed with the delivery techniques for impressionable minds. They channelize all their efforts towards providing opportunities dedicated to the personal and professional development of the participants.

Morpho Thinkers regularly conducts events for prestigious institutes like IIM Bangalore, IMS Cochin, etc. pan India. These value based events bring to the fore the dormant potential within each individual making them strong pillars of the institutional framework. Such individuals are thus better equipped as young leaders with a dynamic and action-oriented approach to any situation in life.


Programs include


Study Habits Inventory and Application
Career aptitude test and counseling
Educational Trade Fairs
Career development expo
Psychological counseling


Memory Development
Mental arithmetic programs (abacus)
Teachers’ training for excellence
Emotional Intelligence
Creative education
Nurturing student well being
Respect and concern for others and their rights
Social and civic responsibility
Environmental responsibility
Education and Beyond
Self development

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