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Soft Skill Trainer, Soft Skill Training in House Workshops

Soft Skill Trainer, Soft Skills Training Companies, Soft Skill Training Courses and Institutes Bangalore, India - MORPHO THINKERS

Morpho Thinkers, a Bangalore, India, based Soft Skill Trainer and Soft Skills Training Company, provides a one-on-one, personalized Soft Skill Training Workshop / Soft Skill Courses for professionals and managers on a confidential basis.

Organizations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees and effective customer relationships. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. Soft skill training therefore is widely accepted as an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the arena of competitive business.

Soft Skills Training

Trailblazer in the domain of soft skills, Morpho Thinkers, one of the leading Corporate training Companies in India, has created a niche for itself in the development and delivery of innumerable Soft Skills Training Modules. All the modules that we specialize in can be customized to suit specific client requirement. By using a unique blend of “no box thinking” and time tested mind techniques, Morpho Thinkers, the best Soft Skill Trainer and one among the best Soft Skill Training Institutes in Bangalore, India; has achieved what contemporary trainers can only dream of! This holistic approach enables the participants of our training workshops to grasp even the most difficult to understand concepts with relative ease giving them the much sought after edge.

Soft Skills Development

Our approch in Soft Skills Development; most trainings on offer today deal with skills to improve our personality traits, communication skills, motivation, team building, leadership etc. These however, only skim the surface by helping us hone a particular skill, but do not help much in tapping the mindís tremendous natural potential, which is the fundamental requirement for learning and / or developing any skill. The Morpho Techniques and our Soft Skill Training Courses would have a long lasting impact on every individual and bring change from within an individual.

About our Soft Skill Trainer

Our Soft Skill Trainer; who trains on Soft Skills as well as Behavioral Skills and has carved a niche for himself in training on Instructional Design. As a consultant, heís varied experience has enabled him to reach out to diverse audience, and at the same time bring in the best learning models for learning outcomes that transform to performance.

We offer Corporate Training , Personality Development Training , Soft skill Training , Outbound Training , Technical Training Courses to Corporate Work Force, Students and Individuals.


Morpho Thinkers’ unique approach to training has been used in the following Soft Skill Training Modules:

1. Building Winning Teams

2. Leadership Skills
Basic Leadership Skills
Advanced Leadership
Situational Leadership
Balanced Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership
3. Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Time Management

Interpersonal Relationship Skills

Creativity & Innovation

Stress Management


Business Etiquettes & Manners

11. Decision Making

Motivating for Peak Performance

13. Problem Solving

Personality Development

Attitude & Self Discipline

Mind Power

Coaching, Mentoring & Counseling

Managerial Excellence

Sales & Marketing Skills

Negotiation & Persuasion Skills

Business Ethics

Conflict Management

Customer Relationship Management

Cultural & Trans-Cultural Sensitivity Workshop

Customer Interaction (Domestic / International) & Telephone       Etiquette

The Art and Science of Strategy Planning

27. Managing the challenge of Change

Secrets of High Achievers

HOSPITALITY SERVICES: Excellence in Guest Service for GASTRONOMY       SECTOR

How to deal with workplace mistakes

Recruitment & Interviewing skills

Healthy Living & Effective Working

Secrets of Success Infinite

34. Campus to Corporate – Induction Programme

35. Voice & Accent Neutralization (American / British / Australian)

Grapho Session for HR personnel

Working together for success

38. Yoga for Professionals

Networking for Business Development

40. Public Speaking
Please contact us for Customized programmes


Morpho Thinkers is based on certified Soft Skill trainer and Soft Skill Training Company / Institutes provides a one-on-one, personalized Soft Skills Training Courses & Workshop for professionals and managers on a confidential basis.


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