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Human beings function at three levels: the personal or within the self, inter-personal and trans-personal beyond the personal. Hence balance is 3-dimentional and involves being in harmony with oneself, the society around you, and being attuned to a Higher Consciousness.

Everyone needs help looking at their difficult circumstances, no matter what they are— from loss of any kind, the dissolution of a relationship or even unexpected illness. Through Perestroika, Morpho Thinkers trains one to gently explore one’s inner being and use it to experience authentic personal power.

Perestroika is a 21 day camp away from the din & stress associated with modern life. We target an individual’s overall well being and strive to achieve a Total Transformation from within. This covers the wide range of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Hosted in a remote place, amidst lush nature, the participants enjoy the outdoors, quiet nights, and delicious, nutritious meals that make Perestroika a renowned destination for all those interested in wellness and personal growth.

This program offers unprecedented potential to create more joy and less pain, more meaning and less emptiness, more love and less fear in every aspect of your life. You gather the tools and support you need to discover true joy and meaning in your life and explore energy medicine. You will apply your learning and change yourself in ways that are currently beyond your imagination, though not your capability.

Morpho Thinkers is fast emerging a leader in shaping a modern approach to this 5,000-year-old tradition, combining Natural hygiene Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Yoga and Meditation, Graphology, Hypnotherapy, Laughter therapy, Morpho Techniques and Foot reflexology in a way that you won't find at your local gym or health club.



Mastering the art of Somatic Psychotherapy

Building and Sustaining Somatic Awareness

Psycho-Physical Work for Therapeutics

Balance Between Body, Mind and Spirit

Skills for Creating a Body, Mind and Spirit synchronization

Tracking Body Reading & Assessment of Psycho-Physical Issues

Creating Self Therapeutic Strategies

Physical Interventions that Access Psychological Processes

Psychological Interventions which Explore Physical Issues

Processing Psychological Issues Through the Body

Working at the Mind/Body Interface

Kinesthetics as Psychological Intervention

Languaging Psycho-Physical Process

The Use of Awareness, Movement & Touch in Psycho-Physical    Transformation

Application of Personality Hydraulics in Psycho-Physical Therapy

Working With Developmental and Trans-generational influences

Psychological Interventions which Explore Physical Issues

Working With Creative Energy and the Process of Expression

Somatic Resourcing

Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Transformation

Facilitating Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Integration

Post Session SupportPhysical, Psychological and Spiritual    Transformation

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